Who Retains The Copyright On The Images?2017-08-06T16:23:35-04:00

Emanuel Mozes Photography retains the copyright and all rights to any photograph and or video “the work”. Furthermore, Emanuel Mozes Photography and does not sell said “the work”, but rather licenses its use. Fees are dependent upon (1) payment of the invoice in full, (2) using “the work” only as indicated, and (3) protecting “the work” with proper copyright notification. This service agreement is a limited license release. “The Work” appearing on this site are the property of Emanuel Mozes Photography. They are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Emanuel Mozes Photography. 

Will The Photographer Stage The Property?2017-08-06T15:55:03-04:00

While all properties will be photographed as is, photographer will make a reasonable effort to remove litter and stray objects from the rooms, but not stage the property.  This, however, does not include moving furniture, boxes, changing light bulbs or making beds. Agents are expected to have the property staged, cleaned and ready to be photographed prior to the photo shoot.  If an agent does not provide the photographer with specific instructions on rooms, angles and overall best features of a listing, the photographer will use best judgment and experience to decide how best to photograph the property.

Cancellation, No-Show and Inclement Weather2021-08-31T08:57:16-04:00

If cancellation or re-scheduling is necessary, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required.  Photo shoots cancelled within 24 hours of a booked appointment are subject to a $75 cancellation fee + 50% of the photo shoot fee. Same day cancellations will be billed at the full rate of the shoot. Arriving late beyond 30 minutes to an appointment will be considered a cancellation, and will be billed at the full rate of the shoot. Every effort will be made to accommodate a rescheduling.  In the event of inclement weather preventing exterior photography, interiors will still be shot and exteriors rescheduled for the next available day.

Typical Shot List2017-08-06T15:02:37-04:00

The objective is to allow prospective buyers to envision their new home.  While every property is different, I have found the following list of photos provides you with a strong set of images to market your listing:

  • 3-6 Photos of the Exteriors
  • 1 Photo of the Foyer
  • 2-4 Photos of the Kitchen
  • 2 Photos of Living Room
  • 2 Photos of Dining Room
  • 2 Photos of Family Room
  • 2 Photos of the Master Bedroom
  • 1-2 Photos of the Master Bathroom
  • 1 Photo of each Bathroom
  • 1 Photo per Bathroom
  • 1 Laundry Room (when appropriate)
  • 1-2 Porches
  • 1 Office Space
  • 1-2 Photos of Finished Basements
  • 1 Photo of Unfinished Basements

​Closets and garages will not be photographed unless specifically requested.

Can you Photoshop the … out?2017-01-24T21:13:51-05:00
  • toaster … NO
  • car in the driveway … NO
  • stains on the walls, ceilings or floors … NO
  • dog … NO
  • cat … you guessed it… Nope

Please refer to my How to Prepare Your Listing for Real Estate Photography for tips and information on how best prepare your listing for the best real estate photos.

How to book a session?2021-08-31T10:46:40-04:00
  • Click on the button below
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • The confirmation email will contain a link to the How to Stage Your Listings for Real Estate Photography
  • A photographer will meet you at the property for the photo session
  • A typical photo session takes anywhere from 90mins to 2 hours, and some listings requiring more time
  • Within 48 hours, you will receive a link to download your images
  • Upon availability, rush delivery may be available and subject to an additional fee
  • Photo shoot is subject to cancellation policy
Payment Information2021-08-31T10:49:08-04:00
  • Payment is required when a photo shoot is booked and you can pay online using your credit or debit card.
  • Please keep a backup copy of your images on your computer.
  • If you require a new session after changes were made to the listing, due to renovations, additions and/or staging, a full fee will apply.
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