Premium HDR Photography

HDR or high dynamic range, is a photographic method that ensures the darks or shadows, and the brights or highlights are captured in a photo. Unlike our eyes, cameras can’t match our ability to process an image with different levels of shadows and highlights.  With HDR photography several images are captured of the same scene at different exposures.  Typically there are 3 such images, or exposures: a neutrally exposed image, a dark image, and a bright image which are later combined to produce an image that is visually appealing.  At times, there are 5 exposures and even as many as 9 exposures if the dynamic range, or the difference between the bright and darker areas is too wide.  The photographer chooses the correct exposures and the number of images, or brackets, required to capture as much of that dynamic range as possible.  Understanding light, photographic methods, and techniques, the capabilities of the camera and lens used, and the software tools required in editing those images is vital to creating that image that says I want to live there.

Here is a before and after example.  In the before section, you see a composite showing 3 images of the same scene at varying exposures.  In the after section, you see the fully processed image.  Note how you can see details in the darkest areas and the lightest areas as well.

Notice the fire in the fireplace?  That’s part of the premium editing in all of our photos.  We also include a sky replacement in our exterior images.

Our standards are high, and our premium editing really is our standard editing for all photoshoots, not just for high-end properties.

3 images for the same sceneHome Interior Photography by Emanuel Mozes Photography.jpg